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Bakken Artificial Lift Cost Reduction & Production Optimization 2015

As operators engage in new price-responsive strategies to react accordingly to the low oil price environment, the big push is on innovative cost cutting and the optimization of existing assets.

Whether switching to new chemical treatments to reduce failures, restructuring equipment to reduce surface facilities costs, or redeploying artificial lift to ensure every pump generates the most revenue possible per day, there are ways to reduce costs in both incremental and transformational ways from the production engineering perspective to ensure wells remain economic.


The 3rd in an industry-renowned series, this year's Bakken Artificial Lift Cost Reduction & Production Optimization Congress 2015 is returning to Denver, entirely dedicated to the optimization and cost reduction of production assets with a focus on identifying the areas of most costly expenditure without compromising production rates.

Over two days E&P case studies will be presented by Production VPs, Managers and Engineers to deliver the following practical, bottom line benefits to attendees:

  • $100 vs $40-60 PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Chemical treatment, lift types, surface equipment; what worked economically then, doesn't necessarily do so now. It is possible to produce economically at $40-60 per barrel; this congress has been designed to make sure every production professional in the Bakken knows how.
  • CAPITALIZE ON UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS OF EFFICIENCY: The positive side of the oil price decrease is in the extent to which it has driven operators to innovate. Production professionals are now discovering unprecedented levels of efficiencies in their operations and reducing costs and failure rates in ways that may never have otherwise been discovered. Learn from this and maximize margins both now and for when prices go back up.
  • FOCUS ON EXISTING WELLS: Capital-intensive production strategies are not helpful right now. Smart, innovative, responsive techniques for optimizing existing wells and assets are. This conference will focus for the first time ever, purely on how production professionals can alter, improve, and upgrade existing wells to maximize overall recovery at the very lowest cost.
  • TRANSFERABLE BENEFITS: Each session is designed with the sole purpose of providing takeaway lessons that can be transferred between production professionals and applied across different fields.




The 3rd in an industry renowned series, this years Bakken Artificial Lift Cost Reduction & Production Optimization Congress 2015 is returning, entirely focused towards the optimization of production operations of Bakken assets to identify the areas of most costly expenditure without compromising production rates.

MAXIMIZE RECOVERY USING EXISTING EQUIPMENT: Which wells merit ESP application and which don't? Can 10% more recovery be gleaned by switching a pump to a different well? At what point should it be applied for maximum recovery? Everyone is asking the questions and now, the people who have found the answers are speaking out at the congress.

REDUCE PRODUCTION OVERHEADS: If production professionals are not currently looking at how to reduce production costs, they could be setting themselves up to be in a lot of trouble in 2015. The conference this year is focused specifically on how to make sure operations remain profitable, even at $50 per barrel.

EXTRACT MAXIMUM VALUE FROM PRODUCTION ASSETS: As drilling new wells slows down, the pressure is building on production professionals tasked with maximizing recovery from existing wells. This congress is the hub of knowledge exchange on how to make sure no opportunity for extra recovery is missed.



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